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Allan’s work is currently represented by a number of galleries, including Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, British Columbia, PI Fine Art, Toronto, Ontario, Wendover Art Group, Clearwater, Florida, In Transit Images, Montreal, Quebec, and Farmboy Arts, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Allan’s work has been featured in LensWork Magazine , Focus Magazine, American Art Collector, Color Magazine, ‘digitalis photo’ (Hungary), and the March, 2013 issue of Black and White Photography (Britain).

Working with radiology most days of his professional career, Allan,
like many people with a scientific approach, knew there was always more to the world than what most of us can see. Through the “lens” of the big xray machines, Allan discovered his “unseen world” and decided to apply the principle to his avocation – fine art photography.

Although his career choice of veterinary medicine took up much of his adult life, Allan still found time to pursue his interest in fine art photography, plus his love of the outdoors and the floral palette provided by Mother Nature. Now, enjoying his semi-retirement, Allan has the time to explore the technology of the xray and far-reaching capabilities he always believed were there.

With technical assistance from collaborators with expertise in radiology and photo manipulation, Allan has created the many beautiful images shown here. These fine art images start as conventional xrays which are then refined using advanced digital techniques to enhance and isolate the delicate structures of the various images.

The skill of a radiologist using xray equipment, combined with Allan’s intuition and talent as a photographer, bring to life the hidden beauty within the world of each flower. The nearly transparent, delicate features of the petals risk being lost during the process of establishing the hidden contents of the stems and buds of each flower, but the photo-manipulative modifications bring out the overlapping lines an shapes. The resulting images have a translucent, almost ethereal glow, showing leaves, veins and internal structures in a delicate balance not possible with conventional photography.